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Asian Perspective is the social sciences journal of the Institute for Far Eastern Studies of Kyungnam University. The journal applies an Asian lens to world and comparative politics. With its vital contemporary focus, it probes the regional, international, and transnational issues that affect Asia today. Asian Perspective is peer-reviewed and publishes quarterly. Now in its fourth decade, the journal welcomes interdisciplinary research and is committed to promoting a lively exchange of ideas between scholars and policymakers. As of 2019, Asian Perspective is published by Johns Hopkins University Press. Our webpage can be found at https://www.press.jhu.edu/journals/asian-perspective, with online access to full issues and articles through Project Muse at https://muse.jhu.edu/journal/733.

Current Issue

Vol. 43 No. 1 Winter 2019
Trump’s America First Policy in Global
and Historical Perspectives:

Implications for US–East Asian Trade
June Park and Troy Stangarone

Centralizing North Korean Policymaking under Kim Jong Un
Patrick McEachern

Taking ‘Bottom-up’ Seriously in Governance:
The Case of the Local Governance Network Supporting
Settlements of North Korean Refugees in South Korea
Jun-han Yon and Euiyoung Kim

Sanctions for Nuclear Inhibition:
Comparing Sanction Conditions between
Iran and North Korea
Inwook Kim and Jung-Chul Lee

Flawed Assumption in Pro-Nuclear Arguments and
South Korea’s Strategic Choice
Daekwon Son

What Makes US Citizens Trust Japan?
Examining the Influence of National Image,
Bilateral Compatibility, and Issue Awareness
Taewoo Nam

Chinese Enterprises’ Investment in Infrastructure
Construction in Cambodia
Fang Hu, Xiekui Zhang, Mingming Hu, and David Lee Cook

Book Review Essay
Violence and Nonviolence in South Asia
Walter C. Clemens, Jr.

Forthcoming Issue

Vol. 43 No. 2 Spring 2019
Special Issue on Power, Narratives, and the Role of Third Parties:
Understanding Power (Shift) in East Asia

Mikael Weissmann and Mingjiang Li, guest editors

Introduction to the Special Issue
Mikael Weissmann and Mingjiang Li

Understanding Power (Shift) in East Asia:
the Sino-US Narrative Battle about Leadership
in the South China Sea
Mikael Weissmann

China’s “Belt and Road” in Southeast Asia:
Constructing the Strategic Narrative in Singapore
Alice D. Ba

China’s Economic Power in Asia:
The Belt and Road Initiative and the Local Guangxi Government’s Role
Mingjiang Li

Return to Geopolitics:
The Changes in Japanese Strategic Narratives
Hidekazu Sakai

The Relationship between Narratives and Security Practices:
Pushing the Boundaries of Military Instruments in Japan
Petter Y. Lindgren and Wrenn Yennie-Lindgren

Contending Narratives of the International Order:
US/Chinese Discursive Power and Its Effects on the UK
Rex Li

International Politics
Is International Leadership Changing Hands or Disappearing?
China and the USA in Comparative Perspective
Mark Beeson and Nathan Watson

Book Review Essay
Three Facets of Woman Power in China, 1644 to 2019
Walter C. Clemens, Jr.

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